3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning (Topside)


3D laser scanning saving cost and time in the design phase, by having as-built data in your office data storage system with no need to travel to site locations which control cost, risk and change.  Laser scanning is suited to both onshore and offshore assets, floating and fixed, industrial and commercial, utility and heritage, applications. Operations and design teams can design and review in parallel, adding early comments and multi-discipline design validation. Guarantee elimination of design risk during brownfield modification, elimination of unnecessary field welds and site fit ups, provide safe and effective workflow planning, asset integrity and maintenance, reverse engineering for the production of missing elevations, sections, plans and P&ID. 

Laser Scanning rapidly captures accurate as-built information in rich detail delivering very accurate measurement and documentation of 3D data. KG uses the very latest high speed laser scanners capable of capturing one million points per second and provide sub mm scanning and data for first time fit strategy. 3D Point Cloud data models can be directly interfaced with all CAD platforms including Autocad, Microstation, Smart Plant 3D, PDMS and E3D.  Our expertise and experience is key in the production of detailed and complete 3D models. Produced for a diverse range of clients, industries and installations. Close collaboration with clients ensures their specific requirements are met. These include redesign and revamp projects with little or no existing drawings, Asset Management facilitation providing the backbone for data management, corrosion remediation, planning and control. 

3D Laser Scanning (Subsea)


KG provides subsea laser scanning systems, data acquisition, processing and 3D modelling services. Laser scanning technology collecting point-cloud highest levels of accuracy and creating 3D models of structures and seabed and stored digitally for future reference and comparison.  

The laser scanner can be operate using ROV, AUV or standalone. The methodology to implement the system can be determine to suit the best efficient and cost effective solution depends on project scope. The results of the acquisition will be prepare on a report for client analysis and intervention.   

  • High Density Seabed Mapping 
  • Pipeline inspection 
  • Mooring Chain Inspection 
  • Spool Metrology 

Dimensional Control


KG dimensional control focus in the offshore Energy industry, where accurate surveys are used to ensure first time fit-up.  Our Fit first time process avoids unexpected hold ups at the construction site and minimises the risk of expensive corrective work at the final location. The objective of any dimensional control survey is to facilitate the correct design, fabrication, installation and fit-up of relevant components. It applies before, during and after their design, construction and/or fabrication. 

Dimensional control (DC) survey is capable and experienced in traditional survey techniques and both conventional point to point type infrared surveying to deliver precise sub-millimetre dimensional accuracy to clients ensuring a guaranteed first-time fit, every time. This includes the post survey data processing, analysis and modelling as required. Dimensional Control teams can assists fabricators and provide third party checks during the construction of a subsea and surface assets, ensuring a fit-first-time is achieved. Using these services onshore during fabrication provides continuity during projects where an understanding of the requirements of offshore survey is crucial. We recognise the importance of as-built information to our clients.