Photogrammetry & Panoramic View

Offshore Platform - Refinery - Stadium


Capturing asset with high definition, 360 degree photographic images and providing the user with a desktop visual walk around. Improves access to, and retrieval of key engineering information of offshore facilities. Enabling Rapid, accurate and effective decision making for efficient project delivery. Exceptional efficiency of project execution, allowing substantial reduction in operational risks and project costs. Rapid, accurate and affordable reverse-engineering of an as-build digital asset equivalent of your existing physical asset as the basis for brownfield project planning.


  • Tags within images identify equipment and link to data and documents.
  • Complete full-colour high-definition image capture
  • Reduced requirement for multiple site visits
  • Ideal for remote or restricted access locations
  • Safety & training simulations
  • Pre-arrival orientation virtual tours

Subsea Asset Management - Inspection - Analysis



Advanced workflow and asset management to eliminate construction idle time. A single point of access to high integrity operations engineering data for efficient maintenance planning, production optimisation and HSE compliance monitoring and reporting.

Modelling underwater infrastructure in 3D to mm accuracy enabling condition assessment of the subsea assets. Difference modelling over time will then allow damage and corrosion to be perfectly monitor and life spans prediction.

  • Pre-project Safety & training of the task
  • Pre-project virtual planning tours of the offshore field 
  • Tags within images identify inspection equipment and link to data and documents